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January 2016

Conception Date Calculator Baby Due Date or Birthday Up to 99 Years Past or 3 Years Future

Conception Date Calculator
Conception Date Calculator App calculates conception date based on baby's due date or birthday. Enter day, month, year for any baby or person.

Want to know when someone else was conceived? Enter any birthday up to 99 years ago. Want to know when to have a baby? enter expected future due date up to 3 years in advance.

Based on Naegeles's rule which is widely accepted as very accurate. Calculations are done using mathematical algorithm that works on any device.

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Mobile App Previewers for Android, iPad, iPhone and Kindle

Mobile App Previewer tools for Android, iPad, iPhone and Kindle. Easy to use app allows you to previewer your mobile app before publishing in iTunes or Google Play.

Easy to use app displays all your pages in a simulated previewer you download to your smartphone or tablet.

Most of the previewers out there are for just one platform. Which is fine, most apps are designed for one platform. iOS for example has iPhone and iPad.

For android tablets and smartphones you use one previewer for both platforms. Kindle is yet another platform. That means you need a previewer for each platform.

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Restaurant Mobile App Template

Restaurant Mobile App Template designed specifically for the restaurant business. Select this template to give your customers a way to interact with your business while there or before they get there.

This app features menus for appetizers, entrees, drinks and desserts. It has a reservations page where customers can make plans to visit your establishment. Use the photo gallery to show off your establishment and dishes.

Designed for interacting with patrons of your restaurant or bar. They download the app you reward their loyalty with a coupon.

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Now on Google Plus and Google Business

MiAppMaker is now on Google+ social media network at:

Please feel free to join my circle or check out the business listing.

And on Google Business:

This may be a good way for you to find what you are looking for. This link goes to Google search engine results page.

Even if you aren't looking for my business you can navigate to just about any other business. This app determines your location (if allowed) and returns results that are nearby.

Naturally I wanted to get the Miappmaker listed in these business directories. Check it out...

: : Mobile app builder, publisher, previewer, tips, tools and techniques at Miappmaker. January 2016

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