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March 2016

MiAppBlog was Mobile App Blog News Tips and information about MiAppMaker

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Hi everyone, MiAppBlog is the new name for Mobile App Blog page. This change better suits the content of this website.

Mobile-App-Blog will be re-used as the name of my upcoming site blog. You can only have one name per page per website. So, I renamed this blog to make room for a site blog.

Wondering what the difference between a site blog and a full blog is? With a full blog you can do anything, like write custom posts, interact with your audience and insert images. A site blog is compiled from the page.

The site blog is compiled from the page metatags title, description and the .html file name. It will also inherit an image from the page. Then a link is created to the page.

To help improve syndication the author needs to be creative yet concise with the title and description meta tags. Even the image needs to be well thought out, as size and location are important to determine which image is selected if there are more than one.

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I enjoy creating and updating it. Tim

Age Calculator App Dates in Years Months Weeks Days Hours Minutes Seconds and Next Birthday

The Age Calculator calculates the age of anyone or anything from birthday to age date.

Use the easy date pickers to select month and day of birthday. Enter the year for birthday on the popup keyboard. Use the same method to enter the age date or accept the pre-enterd current date.

Hit the "Calculate Age" button to return results in years, months, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds. Also returns the number of days until the next birthday.

Help and Instruction page deatials exactly how to use this app and what it can do. Behind the scenes is a mathematical algorithm that utilizes the internal clock on your mobile device.

Great little tool is a cool conversation starter. Impress your friends and family with your birthday knowledge. Can be used to help plan upcoming birthday events. Get it FREE!.

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Scanners: QR Code, Barcode, PDF Added to MiAppMaker Utility App

Code Scanners Page
New features to MiAppMAker Utility App include QR code, barcode and PDF scanners. This update is part a complete restructuring of the app.

Upgrade the app to improve user experience. The new look has larger text, fewer menu items and more information. I grouped all the social media channels together on one page and added larger buttons. Social media channels help let your friends know about this app and website.

Get the app now and start scanning QR Codes. These type of image based information can be scanned by an ordinary smartphone or tablet. It utilizes your exiting camera included with your mobile device.

QR codes can conatin a lot of different types of information. They can contain plain text, URLs email addresses and interact with native apps on your phone or tablet. Simply tab the scanner link on the "Scanner.html" page and your camera is activeated. When the app detects a QR code it is read and you get to see what it contains.

The barcode scanner works in the same way. Simply tap the "Barconde Scanner" on the Scanners page and your camera will immediately start scanning for a arcode. When it detects a barcode the information is displayed.

The PDF scanners is very nice for collecting several individual scans and complilng a single .pdf file. The file can then be saved on your phone. Once saved you can email, share or send the document to other.

: : March 2016

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