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April 2016

Mobile App Editor Application Dashboard Tutorial Interactive Configurator, Simulator and Publisher

Learn how to use MiAppMAker's mobile app editor to create your first mobile app. Start by selecting a template suited for your business to ready for publication in the App Stores.

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Custom Search Results Now Available on MiAppMaker

Light bulb with phone
Search results page is now available on MiAppMaker.com. We have added a custom search box to the right column for your convenience. Or you can go to the Search results page.

With over 60 pages now I thought it time to make the site easier to navigate. Simply type in your query into the search box and click or tap on "Search." You will be directed to a search results page.

And for my next trick

Design Tip

Most of the settings in an app can be set one time in one place in the builder. Design Properties button in the mobile app builder.
I am going to perform a re-blog. I discovered a design pattern flaw. I can do much better presenting my rss feed. So, I am going to go through this blog and re-design for a better user experience.

I only need to update 10 pages to accomplish this task. The plan is re-blog those pages that show this design pattern. In the mean time try the...

Mobile App Features Make Your App Spectacular

Mobile App Features combo screensMobile App Features include specialty functions like maps, forms, social media and utilities. MiAppMaker has many custom built design patterns that take advantage of all a smartphone or tablet can do.

Our collection of mobile app features is extensive with over 100 designs to choose from. We have something for every aspect of online business. Example of a special feature is 'Geofencing.'

Geofencing sends out a notification to any mobile device that comes inside your specified range. Notify your users of discounts, special offers, new products or just to say hello. Check out our collection of Mobile App Features.

MiAppMaker Mobile App Features Include

Design Tip

Geofencing pings your users phone every time they come within range. But will only send a message once a day.
Geofences button in the mobile app builder.
It would be counter productive to list all the pages, patterns and features we offer in this blog. One way to get a look at all we have is the list of pages on the website sitemap page.

A lot of effort has gone into building the libraries on this site. We have to acknowledge the contributing editors for all their hard work. Thank you. All of this material is shared with an App Plan and available for your mobile app.

Mobile App Graphics Tutorial for Images Icons Splash Screens Sizes and Format

Smartphone with message board
Mobile App Graphics tutorial for creating images, icons and splash screens for the mobile app stores.

This tutorial teaches you what image sizes, the formats you need and examples to look at.

Learn what application icons are and which ones you need in your mobile app. We go over the graphics, icons, splash screens and feature images you need to publish in the app stores.

Learn why it is really important to get your images right when developing your mobile app and more tips in.

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Mobile App FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Smartphone talking
Mobile App FAQ is where you can submit your question about using, creating or developing a mobile app. We attempt to answer frequently asked question as soon as possible.

Try our content 2.0 form. Simply type in your question and submit it. When we recieve your submission we will attempt to answer your question in a timely fashion. Your question and answer will become a new page on MiAppMaker.com.

If requested we will notify you by email when the new page is up on the website. This is not required but can be useful for sharing with your friends and family.

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: : Mobile app builder, publisher, previewer, tips, tools and techniques at Miappmaker. April 2016

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