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June 2016

Mobile App Publisher Tutorial to Publish in the Apple iTunes App Store

Mobile App Dashboard with publisher button
Mobile App Publisher tutorial teaches you how to submit your mobile app to the App Stores using MiAppMaker.com publishing tools.

So you think you are ready to publish your app. Why not use the MiAppMaker publishing tools. We make it easy by offering tools that don't require that you own a Mac and the software necessary. MAM can upload your app for you because we have all the tools. You only need to fill in the form.

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App Store Properties Optimization Tutorial Review and Publish Tips

App Store Properties sign App Store Properties optimization tutorial teaches you all the different elements you need to accomplich to publish in the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play.

In depth article discusses what you need to do and what materials you need to have before you begin the App Store submission process. Get these right and your app will be app store optimized.

This tutorial will help your mobile app rank better and sooner in the app stores.

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You Are Driving Down a Dark Lonely Road at Night

You are lost and alone and almost out of gas. Your friends are expecting you and you can't be late. The scene is desolate and you need a map and directions. You pull over to the side of the road to find your way again. You activate Drive Time Calculator app on your mobile and find your way again.

You are smart, you planned ahead and all the info you need is in the handy Drive Time Trip Report stored on your smartphone.

Drive Time Calculator comes to your rescue with maps, turn by turn directions, distance, ETA and gas mileage. You drive directly to the nearest gas station and phone your friends with your new ETA.

We are asking $2.99 for this app because of all the unique technology we put into it. Our proprietary software was developed in house and cannot be found anywhere else. Get an app that can...

Triangle Caclulator Ramps Up

Thanks to Triangle Calculator I was able to create a winch and ramp system for my best friend. He owned a tricylce rack to carry his tricycle on the back of his jeep but had a hard time getting it in.

Tricycle with winch and ramp
Tricycle with winch and ramp
We wanted to use a winch to pull the tricycle up a ramp and let it down slowly. The trick would be making the ramp long enough to work yet short enough to fit inside the jeep.

With the help of Triangle Calculator we were able to determine exaclt how long to make the ramps. We wanted the ramps short enough to fit inside the Jeep and long enough to make it easy to roll up the ramps.

I knew how high the rack would be and how short I needed the ramps to be but not the angle that could work. If the angle was too steep the ramps would get pushed out of the way. If the ramp angle was too shallow it would make them too long.

We determined that the ranp angle needed to be less than 45 degrees and the height of 28 inches off the ground the ramps could be 5 feet, 6 inches long. Then we went to the store and bought just enough wood and had it cut to length.

Not only dod TriAngCalc help us get the right material but helped save us time and money. Do you have a problem to solve? Get...

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