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September 2016

AgeCalc2 Has Arrived Ad-Free Upgrades Version Now Available In The App Stores

Age Calculator in Years, months, weeks...
Age Calculator 2 has arrived. Available now in the App Stores.

We had several requests to make an advertisement free version of this app. So we did. Based on Age Calculator 1, AgeCalc2 features faster load time, zero advertisements and new updated push notification service.

Get It In the App Store and Google Play

Scan the QR code or get it from your favorite app store. Click or tap on the buttons below. Read More...

Sitemap Update

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Now find pages on our website faster and easier with the Sitemap page update.

Sitemap for MiAppMaker Goes jQuery Mobile

We used jQuery Mobile javascript to redesign and style the Sitemap Page. Check it out.

Free Drive Time Calculator Day is Sept 13, 2016, 10:00AM till Sept 14,10:00AM.

September 9, 2016 12:48
Splash Page
Drive Time Calculator page top
Drive Time Calculator page middle
Drive Time Calculator route directions
Drive Time Calculator Settings
Drive Time Calculator Stops and Fuel
Drive Time Trip Report
Drive Time Calculator price will drop from $2.99 USD to FREE for 1 day (theoretically) The promotion will last one day and end at 10:00AM GMT on Sept. 14 (theoretically).

The driving motivation behind this promotion is to get reviews of the app. We give away the app for free but we ask that you post a positive review of the app. Please note the location in the App Store so that you can return and give DriveTimeCalc a 5 Star rating and a positive review. Here are a few things you could say about this app.

The trip report: is the key feature of this app. The idea is to plan your trip BEFORE you leave. Not after you you get there as some have said. Another key feature is the PRINTABLE trip report (TR). This feature separates it from other similar apps that don't do that. The report is actually compiled from the data input and then written to a separate printable webpage.

The trip report is NOT a screenshot capture. Other similar apps just do a screenshot capture and make that printable. The problem with that is a typical loss of information not showing up on the print. Also note that we used a large font-size in the TR to make it easier to read. And the trip report fills the screen leaving out any obtuse visuals that could steal screen space from the report.

Another key feature of this app (that is often overlooked) is the ability to save addresses to the device. We only save 10 addresses max to keep space usage to a minimum. However the addresses are delete-able. That means the user can choose to lose addresses they no longer need or want.

I use this app on regular basis. Therefore my home address is permanently saved on my device. I have other saved destinations I frequent occasionally. I save those addresses too because I never know from which direction I will be coming from.

Drive Time Calculator
For iPhone and iPad

Get Drive Time Calculator on App Store.
DriveTimeCalc includes gas mileage and stop time calculators so one can plan (or estimate) arrival times and cost per trip. These calculators are editable meaning the user can adjust ETA and gas cost based on speed and/or unexpected delays.

An added bonus feature (that other apps don't have) is the "time/speed comparison chart." This is a time over speed ratio chart that displays results for multiple select-able ratios. A user can interact with the report to make speed adjustments to get there sooner or later. (No other app does that, not even Google maps.)

Again, all this information is compiled into a printable trip report. A user can literally plan a long road trip complete with ETA, speed, cost and stop time adjustments and get there on time.

DTC also includes route plan map and turn -by-turn directions between locations. DriveTimeCalc makes this feature select-able. A user can chose to include or exclude these features from the final trip report.

What makes this app superior to other apps are all the popup tooltips, the included users manual and all the cool custom data entry interface. The DriveTime Calc spells it all out for the user so they can make informed decisions regarding their upcoming road trip(s). (Google Maps is a lot harder to work with than this app.)

Use Drive Time Calculator to never be late or get lost again.

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FREE ConcDateCalc Day Sept. 28, 2016

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Menu page
Conception Date Calculator
Conception Date Results page
More Stuff
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Get a FREE copy of Conception Date Calculator. This unique calculator determines a baby's conception date. Get ConcDateCalc on Sept. 28, 2016 from the Apple App Store.

We teamed up with AppGratis.com to promote this app free for a day. This one time only promotion drops the usual price to free for a day.

Based upon Naegele's Rule for conception date. Widely accepted in the medical community as very accurate. This method works out to 280 days from last menstrual period till birth.

Want to know when someone else was conceived? Enter any birthday up to 100 years ago. Want to know when a future baby was (or might be) conceived? Enter expected due date up to 3 years in the future.

Help and Instruction pages explain in detail how the app works. There is lots more you can do with this app, like share it with friends and followers. Find out about other calculators and give feedback.

Conception Date Calculator Uses Baby's Due Date

FREE day Has past but the app is still worth every penny ($0.99) and available at...

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