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December 2016

Mobile App Development Idea, Concept, Build, Publish and Marketing

Mobile app development has skyrocketed in the last few years due to ever increasing technology and availability. Mobile usage has also soared making it a necessary marketing platform for all businesses.

In the past mobile app development was restricted to only the largest businesses. This was because of the high cost of development and the availability of technology. Not anymore now small businesses can compete due to lower cost and more available technology.

Did you know 92% of U.S. comsumers use their smartphone everyday? Of that time 90% is used on a mobile app and only 10% using a mobile browser. Consumer purchasing through a mobile device is also on the rise.

Are you looking at using a mobile app in your business? With so much activity on mobile these days you should at least look at it as a future of the marketplace.

Simply put mobile app development comes down to this;
idea, concept, build, publish and marketing.

To learn more about the basics read the

Christmas Special, Get $100 off SBI Online Business Tools

SBI stands for Site Build It. As the name suggests with this software you can build a website. But that pretty well understates the power and value of SBI.

I personally have been using SBI for over 10 years and love it. I have my own business and I am my own boss. There is no better job in the world.

Every Christmas we get to promote a special offer at a huge discount. NOW is that time of year. Give the gift that keeps giving back. The gift of an online business. The opportunity to be your own boss. The best gift of all, a future full of promise.

Get $100 off SBI Until Dec. 30 2016

SBI is so much more than just all the website building tools. SBI is a learning experience. You can learn everything there is to know about building an online business. I am not understating that, It'll take you 10 days just to get through the beginners Action Guide

The theory behind SBI IS building the business, not just building a website. If you really want to know how to succeed online get this software, it teaches you everything.

To succeed at anything all you need are brains and motivation. If you know something about anything why not turn that knowledge into a money making business?

The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Usually a subscription to SBI is $299 USD/year. For a limited time you can get it for just $199. DO NOT pass up this deal. The Boss is talking about raising the price. He knows this deal is worth $999 but let's not encourage him okay?

Like this website? It was built it using SBI. In 2006 I started building my first website. Now, I have a team of people that work for me and we all love what we're doing.

The people who use Site Build It are called SBIers. Over 200,000 SBIers have built a successful online business. And they are all willing to help you succeed. Thats more helpers than Santa's elves.

Cool Mobile Apps To Show Off and Brag About Is Here

Hi All, I had this great idea about reviewing and rating cool mobile apps. Then I thought: "Man, that's way too much work." "Why don't I just invite other developers to promote their own apps?" I have just the solution.

It's called Content 2.0, C2 for short. In C2 the website user enters their content and it gets turned into a live webpage on the Internet. Of course the submissions have to be of high quality.

Here is how the process works. First the user, that's you, has some cool mobile apps they would love to show off and brag about. Second you fill in the invitation. We'll get to that on the Cool Mobile Apps invitation page. Third MiAppMaker.com reviews the submission. If accepted MAM then publishes and markets the new webpage.

It really is simple. And we all benefit from it.The publisher should receive traffic to their cool mobile apps, other users get to enjoy the app and I get to improve my website. Sound good? Released date is 20Dec16.

Drive Time Calculator and Cool Mobile Apps

Smartphone at Christmas Dinner
What if you missed Christmas because you were lost? YIKES that would sure put the scrooge into you. Now you can prevent that with Drive Time Calculator (DTC).

Planning a road trip during the holidays? Use Drive Time Calculator to plan your route, get directions, make maps, estimate arrival time, calculate fuel costs and adjust for stops and speed. DTC does all that AND you can print or share the trip report.

Don't get lost on your way to Grandma's house. Plan, organize and print your itinerary and take it with you on your mobile device. Ready, set, go... get this app and have a safe trip.

Drive Time Calculator

We added a new page to the website "Cool Mobile Apps" and used DTC as an example to teach how to use the invitation.

Do you have a cool mobile app to brag or boast about. Feel free to share it with everyone you know, including me. Cool Mobile Apps is an awesome collection of your favorite apps.

Cool Mobile Apps

Merry Christmas from Miappmaker

Christmas scene with tree, ornament and snow.
Merry Christmas everyone. A great day to be alive. We can all get together with friends and family to enjoy the day.

Today I am going to cook a Turkey dinner for the family. But thought I wanted to wish everyone the joy of that satisfied look such a meal typically generates in people.

Spread Some Christmas Cheer

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