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January 2017

jQuery Accordion Boxes Animates Your Content Making Long Website Pages Shorter

jQuery Accordion Boxes ecover
jQuery accordion boxes tutorial explains how to animate the content on your website pages. Get the javascript, html, CSS codes and instructions to make your website awesome.
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    This cool tool uses animation as a way to engage mobile users as well as desktopers. Grab their attention with bold headlines. Then when they click or tap to open a box you establish a freindly user experience. Folks are then more likely to click on other links in your content.

    MiAppMaker is developing a combination of CSS, HTML and javascript codes that tie it all together into one package. We call it "Accordion Boxes Kit." Basically it works like this. There are 4 html code chunks aligned in specific order that make up the layout. The layout is mobile responsive and fits all screen sizes, mobile or desktop.

    CSS is used to hide the extra content and javascript is used to animate it. The code structure employs an unordered list and uses classes to id the different sections.

    You can put the respective code chunks into separate reusable blocks, then use regular content building techniques between the code chunks. With some refinement you can create all kinds of functions on your site.

  • jQuery Accordion Boxes banner
    Show or hide content at will, like magic. Make people believe they are having fun. And make them click with ease.

    Thinking about making a mini ecommerce store for your website? This tool is ideal. You can configure your own menu and show / hide a lot of content. AND present it all in a relatively small space. Great for a positive mobile user experience.

    How about an ebook library? The control and panel boxes are responsive to the device they are on. One size fits all screens. Of course you can modify the code to restrict size and shape any way you like. More info is included in the ebook.

    All that and more are in the upcoming jQuery Accordion Boxes Made Easy Tutorial. As soon as I get it finished.

    Do you like the emoji icons? These are Twitter's 'twemoji icons and are free for eveyone to use. and can be found at https://afeld.github.io/emoji-css/. The ebook describes how to add these to your code.

  • Smartphone with mouse It's an open and Shut Case
    Tools, techniques and tips to make your own accordion boxes with ease. We set up a series of steps that guide you through building your first animated accordion box. Then we explain how the code works and finally we offer tips and tricks to make your accordion boxes dynomite.

    Also included are the source code files. Including accordion-box.js and accordion-box.css plus an HTML code structure that you plug into your website.

    Get examples of CSS styles that activate the buttons, adjust the look and best use recommendations.

jQuery Accordion Boxes Made Easy Kit Animates Content to Show or Hide

jQuery Accordion Boxes Kit
jQuery Accordion Boxes Made Easy Kit is now available. Animate your content to make your webpages much shorter visually. We combined some CSS with a javascript to show or hide content. This allows you to include a ton of information without wearing out your visitors scrolling finger.

The kit includes an ebook full of instructions A .txt file with all the code in plain text format. the CSS and javascript files that make the accordion boxes open and close.

I added these to my site and noticed a huge improvement in time on page, increased number of page per visitor and a lower bounce rate.

Accordion boxes can be used for many purposes like a menu, an estore, a way to organize content or just to hide content so your page is not over-long. Check it out.

jQuery Accordion Boxes

Solo Build It Formerly Site Build It All The Tools to Make Your e-Business Grow

SBI Box of ToolsSolo Build It! Make your online business sparkle with all the right tools all in one place. Don't just make a website or blog make an online business that works.

SBI formerly Site Build It changed its brand name to Solo Build It. Established since 2002, SBI is a collection of tools that has everything you need to succeed at online business.

Find out why 50,000+ webmasters choose SBI over any other website builder. Because it works.

Proven process plus all the tools equals online e-business success. Give it a try.

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Business Mobile App Templates for Company Corporate Marketing Sales Engineers

Solo Build It!
Imagine your customer has a flash of brilliance and can't wait to buy your product or service. It's 2:00 A.M and you are sleeping. They have a smartphone with your app on it. You wake up in the morning and are delighted. Your app works 24/7 anywhere in the world. These versatile templates are scalable and responsive.

Business mobile apps for your company can enhance growth of your sales and services. Excellent marketing tools for your staff and clients. Reach all your people through their mobile device.

Business Mobile Apps Templates

MyBusiness App Home page
MyBusiness App Menu1 page
MyBusiness App Menu2 page
MyBusiness App Services page
MyBusiness App Order page
MyBusiness App map and phone page
MyBusiness App Follow page
MyBusiness App About page
MyBusiness App Contact page
Our Business Mobile Apps templates are designed for corporate, marketing and sales. Connect, share, sell, inform and interact with your people, anywhere in the world. These apps also connect through cell phone and GPS technology as well as through IP (Internet Protocal). Incorporate, maps, phone, feedback and other native applications.

Business Mobile App Corporate - is designed for executive types that want to keep connected to their staff and clients.

Company Mobile App - is designed for marketing types who want to share the company information. Great for marketers and engineers.

MyBusiness Mobile App - is designed for sales and e-commerce. Include products and services that can be purchased right from the app. Our top of the line app does it all. This template is packed with a lot of functionality.

Mix and match to create your own business mobile app. Easily add funtionality to your app with our extensive mobile pagetype library. Check it out.

: : Mobile app builder, publisher, previewer, tips, tools and techniques at Miappmaker. January 2017

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