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March 2017

Succulent Plant Care Identification Guide Mobile App

Succulent plant care identification guide Succulent Plant Care identification guide mobile app for growing and caring for succulent plants. The SucculentID guide contains the most popular plants for identifying, growing tips and plant care.

Get the mobile app and take it with you to the garden, the plant store, the backyard or indoors. Comprehesive plant profiles teach all about what a succulent likes to be healthy and happy.

Succulent Care Handbook is your guide to soil, light, watering, potting, pruning and propagating succulent plants. Get the App today!

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Succulent Plant Care Boss on Vacation Special

Succulent Care Handbook
Get a sneak peek at our newest ebook Succulent Care Handbook. "The Boss" told me to make this ebook for sale at $9.99. Then he went on vacation, so I'm giving it away for free. The Boss said "put out a blog and let everybody know." (I might lose my job over this one. )

Are you a grower? Do you have your own garden? Do you like awesome beauty in the palm of your hand? Succulent Plant Care is your guide to success. Learn about plants, sun, soil and water.

Go get your copy before the boss gets back. Don't worry about me I'll tell the boss "there was a glitch in the software, honestly!"

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APPetize Your Website A Guide to Making Your Mobile App

APPetize Your WebsiteLearn how to APPetize your website. What you should do is make a mobile app for your website.

There are strict rules regarding submission of new apps to the App Stores. The first rule is; an app must be original content. It cannot be a duplicate of any website.

Fill in the form on the next page to receive a free evaluation of your website's mobile app potential. We include an anlysis and make recommendations...FREE. Check it out.

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Miappmaker.com Wins Best Website Designer For 2017 in Hazel Park Awards Program

2017 Best Website Designer Award
Don't you love small towns? My community 'Hazel Park' is about 2.8 square miles. It is located just north of the city of Detroit and was incorporates in 1942. Hazel Park got it's name by having an abundance of hazelnut bushes. Around 2008 the city council adopted the nickname 'Hazeltuky" due to the amount of settlers and their descendants arriving from the State of Kentucky.

Each year the small business awards committee selects the best small businesses in the area. Each selectee is reviewed for their contribution to the community. Only one award is given per category. This year Miappmaker.com was awarded the "Best of 2017 Website Designer" award.

We are obviously very proud of being selected. It just goes to show how dedicated and professional our support crew is. See the press release...

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: : Mobile app builder, publisher, previewer, tips, tools and techniques at Miappmaker. March 2017

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