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May 2017

Best Website Tools Update

Hello, just a heads up about Best-Website-Tools.com (BWT) our sister website; it is being updated. After a long stagnation we decided to give it a makeover. As Miappmaker expanded it took up all of our time. Recently we updated the template to a more modern responsive design.

Currently we are offering a price reduction on our website packages. Design and build has been simplified so we are passing the savings on to you. Take advantage of this offer before we get to swamped. It is for a limited time.

Mobile App Business Update Coming

Computer saying Better Mobile AppsHi all, Miappmaker is changing. We are adding a new dimension to the business. We have partnered up with a business apps reseller company that specializes in mobile app sales training.

We are really excited about this move. The new focus is going to be on sales to small businesses. Such as restaurants, bar's, retail outlets and professional services.

MAM will be passing this new information along in the form of new tutorials and videos. As well as in our social media channels. For you that means better customer support and enhanced feature capability.

New features will be coming online over the next few weeks so please stay tuned. Meanwhile Miappmaker is busy learning new technology and marketing strategies.

If you have downloaded one of our mobile apps you may need to download a new version. We will keep you posted on this. For some this transition will be seemless. For other's your app may stop working requiring you to download a newer version.

Update: well this didn't happen. The plan was to upgrade to a better host. Unfortunately the selected host could not meet my technical specifications. Turns out my current host is planning the same upgrades the new one was going to make. So, Miappmaker will continue providing the same great service without interruption.

New technology is coming. For most you won't even realize the upgrades have happened. For long time users your apps will continue to work when you upgrade your device.

Hope this helps

Personal Update by Tim Koen

Edward Koen, dean of college in Computer Sciences.
Hi all, just a note for now. It is a sad day when a loved one passes away. My Uncle Ed Koen recently passed due to heart failure. He was a great person. Loved by many. And smarter than most.

Ed grew up on the family farm the youngest of 5 brothers. He graduated college with a degree in BA (bachelor of Art) and an MBA (Master of Business Arts). He eventually became Dean of Computer Sciences at Seneca University.

And I thought I was pretty computer savvy. Turns out my family makes me look dumb. I have 2 older brothers and a sister with degrees in computer science.

My degrees are in Broadcast Electronics and Computer Aided Design and Drafting. But Uncle Ed topped us all. Thousands of students attained college degrees in computer science under his tutallege. He really did make a difference.

I'll miss you Uncle Ed. Rest in Peace.

Tim Koen

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