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June 2017

Christmas Cards App New NavBar Coming Soon to Ad Free Version

Christmas Cards App
Getting ready for Christmas in July. Making a list and checking out a new user interface to send greetings and cheer. Ad free version of this mobile app needs a special toy to play on Christmas day.

Christmas Cards mobile app allows you to email custom greeting cards to friends and family. It is free but contains ads. To remove ads removes my monetization. So, I charge a small fee for that.

Here's the deal; I need to create a new navbar for my Christmas Cards App. It must mimic the main navigation structure only on a tier 2 page. To accomplish this task I need to test. That means publishing a prototype navbar. Check it out!

These are simulated links. In apps they will go to the associated page.
The navbar is responsive too allow for all screen sizes. Days left til Christmas.
34d, 07h, 21m, 12s
November 8, 2016
Menu by:

jQuery Accordion Boxes

Software and tutorial

The plan is to offer ad-free versions right inside the app. To accomplish this I simply duplicate the pages and remove the ads on the duplicated version. Once I get the prototype done I can add this feature to other apps.

Did you like this navbar? Next step is to incorporate the new navbar into the app. Stay tuned as I will surely announce that upgrade soon.

Drive Time Calculator Mobile App Update Includes New Technology

Drive Time Calculator screenshot
Blame it on Google. We thought this app was perfect just the way it is. No need to fix something that ain't broke, right? In one fell swoop Google antiquated a technology used to build this app. Resulting an incompatibility with newer devices. "Da Bums!"

Miappmaker is dedicated to keeping up with current technology. The decision was made to migrate the app to this new technology. Without getting too tehnical the app now is compatible with more devices than ever before.

Eventually all Miappmaker apps will be updated to the new technology. Drive Time Calculator calculates disance ETA, fuel, stops and gives you a comparison chart. Just in case you get lost or might be late.

Don't be late, don't get lost, before you leave create a trip report. Only Drive Time Calculator can do that.

SucculentID App Update Includes Succulent Care Handbook Plants and Gardening Supplies Feedback Form

Types of plants screenshot
How is your succulent doing? Find out in the new "Succulent Care Handbook" SCH contains all the information you need to grow. Including sun, soil, water, pruning, potting and propagation.

Did you know plants and gardening supplies can be drop shipped through Amazon? Now you can purchase your favorite plants and supplies from right inside the app. Now you can get all your gardening supplies shipped right to your location.

New category for "Echeveria" plant types has been included in our category library. While we only show 8 varieties of this popular genus we can't possibly show every plant.

For that reason we included a "Feedback Form" with an image selector. With this feature you can take photo of your plant and send it to us. We will be happy to ID your plant and give free advice on how to care for it.

Find out more about this awesome mobile app. Learn all about succulent plants and how to care for them. Check it out...

Feedback Forms Create User Action Choices Communications Fun And More

Feedback forms generate user actions
Feedback forms are the best tools you can have in a mobile app, bar none. A lot of functionality can be included in an app but only the feedback form can start a dialogue with your users. Social media is good but lacks that one on one feeling.

A well put together feedback form can do more for a mobile app than any other function. Think about it! What do people really do with their smartphones? Communicate with others and gather information. A feedback form does both of those functions at the same time.

Learn about all the ways an Miappmaker feedback form can improve your app. This article explains many different functions.

(Read Article)

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