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July 2017

Amazon Ads in Mobile Apps How To Make A Mobile Store With Native Shopping Ads

Smartphone - How to Build a Mobile StoreAmazon ads allow you to offer products for sale inside a mobile app. Learn how to create an eStore in your mobile app. This article explains how to create a store in your app using Amazon Native Shopping Ads.

We recently built a mobile store for the SucculentID app(s). We used Amazon Native Shopping Ads as the deliverer of products.

We allowed Amazon to select our product line. If you sell products in Amazon you could use your own product line. Learn how to make a mobile store for your app.

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Added 2 app package to plans

Smartphone sayying Enterprise = 2 apps
Have you thought about getting 2 apps that are alike but work for both Android and Apple devices? Android and iOS apps are not the same. Different programming is required for each platform. This forces you to develop very similar 2 apps, one for each platform.

Miappmaker's plans have included a (1) and a (3) app package in the past. Recently we added a 2 app package. We call this package the "Enterprise' plan.

Enterprise Plan = 2 Apps

Statistics show that the most popular mobile devices are Google Android and Apple iOS. Between these 2 platforms an app(s) covers over 90% of the world. If you want an app that reaches around the world to the users you actually need 2 of them, one for each platform.

duplicate apps in a few clicks
Miappmaker's new "Enterprise" plan does the job. Here is a scenario: You want an app that works on all the most popular devices, i.e. smartphone, tablet, iPhone and iPad.

platform selection menu
Google Android automatically works on both smartphones and tablets. While iOS (Apple) can create apps for either iPhone or iPad separately. Except iOS can also be made into a 'universal' app. Meaning a 'universal' app can work on both iPhone and iPad.

Solution: create a universal iOS app (iPhone and iPad). This covers 2 mobile device types but what about the Android device types? No problem with our unique duplication feature. you can simply copy one platform to the other. Make a few changes and you're done.

Updated Mobile App Previewers

App PreviewersRecent software updates have been made to the mobile app previewers. As a developer it is necessary to keep up with the policy changes required by the app stores.

At Miappmaker we follow these changes and acts apprpriately. Many apps in our library have been updated already. Most app updates are seemless. Meaning the user won't notice the change. The previewer apps are worth noting though.

The previewer apps have some new information added. Including a revamped user manual. If you don't have a previewer yet why not get one now?

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