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September 2017

Miappmaker Update And News

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Good morning, born again MiAppBlog (the blog). Miappmaker utilizes EasyBlogs to generate our blog. Recently we lost all our data in a hardware failure. Well not all of it, just the offline version. The online version is still intact.

Consequently we will be reconstructing this blog. Not to worry our experts have over 10 years experience with Easy Blogs. While the process takes time the results will be seamless.

If you need help finding a previous post please contact us.

New policies for iOS App Store submission have been instituted. Apple App Store has decided to reduce the number of junk apps in the Apple App Store. As a result hundreds of thousands of apps have been removed from the store in the recent past.

The claim is that too many poor quality apps have been cluttering up the place. (Well, that's not my fault.) The intent is too improve quality. The method is cruel and unusual. Apple targeted my support crew due to past indescretions. Unfortunately, all developers that use the service got caught up in the process. (That means Miappmaker was wrongly affected, in my opinion.)

Smartphone with magnifying glassHowever, new policies must be enforced to ensure only high quality apps get submitted. Therefore going forward all apps will be reviewed for quality assurance and quality control by the support crew. (This has always been the case but we had to state it.)

All new apps will have a unique 'Push Notification' certificate. Again this has always been the case here at Miappmaker but we have to state it just the same.

All images, graphics and content must not violate any copyright infringement. Your content, graphics and images must be original or you have certified permission to use them. Again this has been and will continue to be our policy.

App Favorites Bookmarking Tutorial How To Add A Favorites List To Your Mobile App

Favorites icon added to title
App Favorites tutorial teaches step by step instruction for adding a favorites list and bookmark icons to your mobile app.

This cool tool should help increase user retention for your mobile app. Here's the theory. A user finds a group of pages that match their search criteria. The user sees the favorite icon and adds the page to a list of favorites. On the next visit they go to the favorites list they built to re-visit their favorite page(s).

Learn how to add this cool tool to an Miappmaker mobile app. Improve app retention ratio, This feature makes it easy for users to return to your app and find their favorite pages fast.

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Search Results Page and Custom Search Box

Search results for this site using a DuckDuckGo search engine. All our pages can be found with a good keyword or phrase. Look here to find pages in this website.

DDG custom search box scours several sources to compile a list of most relevent results. Which generally are a much more manageable list than say 12 billion in .073seconds, like Google SE. Who needs 12Billion results when you only need 10 or 20?

The search box is located in the right column near the top.

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Secure Website Coming to Miappmaker Host Migrating to HTTPS protocol.

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Miapmaker's website host is gearing up to migrate all web-pages to a secure server. This change is supposed to occur before Oct. 1, 2017. For Miappmaker it will open up a new range of tools to explore. Including Progressive Web Apps.

For you it will mean a more secure browsing environment. Not like we would ever try to compromise your information but now no-one will be able to do that while using this website.

Why is this important? Good question. A secure server protects your browsing information and computer from being hacked. Whenever you use the Internet on a non-secure page your information is vulnerable to outside hackers. On a secure server your information is protected.

HTTPS = hypertext transfer protocol secured

Https is a standard protocol used to access a website on the Internet. It is basically the computer language that controls the transfer of data over the internet. Compared to plain http, https is the secure version of the language of the Internet.

To comply with this new standard MAM is in the process of securing all our email, social media connections, images, pages and script files. While this process is continuing you may notice a few changes. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Most importantly is you can shop with the knowledge your personal information is secure. MAM already uses a secure shopping cart for bank transactions but now your computer will be secured as well while browsing this website.

The change has not occurred at the time of writing but should happen within a day or two. Okay back to work. Still about 60 pages to fix. Enjoy!


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