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October 2017

Solo Build It Review Only For Real People

smartphone with loudspeaker saying Greatest Show On EarthMy friend and collegue asked me to write a review of his website the other day. After some research my conclusion is this...

SBI Is The Greatest Show On Earth

While doing my own Solo Build It review and performance check I wondered why this was even necessary. It is so unusual for this friend to ask for personal reviews from his customers. Not that this is unusual, but it is unusual for a different reason. Read on to understand why this review was written....

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jQuery Accordion Boxes Software & Tutorial Kit To Animate Show or Hide Content Boxes

Smartphone with bannerjQuery Accordion Boxes Software and Tutorial to show/hide content and make long webpages shorter.

Let me ask you this; have you ever been to a webapge that just seemed way to long? You liked what you saw but didn't want to spend forever reading it all?

Accordion boxes allow the user to control how content is presented. You an SHOW an eye-catching title and HIDE the lengthy paragraphs inside. then repeat the process to create a more pleasent user experience.

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Miappmaker Goes Secure With https Protocol.

Secure websites hear no evilDid you know Google is at it again? The latest version of their Chrome browser now identifies secure and non-secure web pages. Users know instantly if a page is secure or not.

A little padlock shows up on secure pages wirh the word 'secure' in the address bar. But if the web page is NOT secure then the user gets a message letting them know.

It seems Google wants most of the content they offer to be secured, or else. That's great for users but for webmasters it could be a nightmare. So much work to do to make the change to a secure server. Yikes!

Fortunately for me, I use Site Build It! to host this website. When I asked SBI a while back if they could transfer my site to a secure server, guess what they said? Sure, no problem that's due in October. In the meantime you need to prepare for it. Here's how...

Well I prepared and today I switched the site to a secure server. Take that Google.

Search This Site DuckDuckGo Search Engine

DuckDuckGo search engine can search 2 websites at a time. Type in a keyword like 'mobile app' and click on the magnifying glass. The search engine scours several sources for all related pages on the websites you choose.

Inside Miappmaker.com & Best-Website-Tools.com

Smartphone magnifying glass
You just have to try this cool tool. My friend J. over at plainlight.com turned me on to his DuckDuckGo Custom Search Box.

We have been using Google search engine all these years it was thought to be unbreakable. Well, now it's broken, at least on my computer.

This search box uses the DuckDuckGo search engine as well as Google. But it also has other favorable features any webmaster would love. It works! And it's easy to set up.

Check it out! Then get your own.


: : Mobile app builder, publisher, previewer, tips, tools and techniques at Miappmaker. October 2017

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