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December 2017

Progressive Web App Available on Miappmaker

PWA screenshot
Hi all I am pleased to announce the addition of Progressive Web Apps to our mobile app builder platform.

While still in the early stages of release we offer 29 pagetypes to work with. Of course adding your own pagetype is also possible.

PWAs use the latest HTML5 language and CSS to create a mobile friendly web app. With Apple's decision to limit app store approval to native iOS apps it may be next to impossible to get your app approved. But why bother when a PWA works just as well.

If you own a website you are half way there. PWA's require a domain or sub-domain name as they really are just a small website. The big difference is their ability to work offline.

PWA's work just like a native mobile app in that they can be activated through a home screen icon. PWA's do not have all the features of a native app at this time. However many new features are being developed for future release.

How To Make a Progressive Web App

  1. Select a template
  2. Create app using the 'WebApp' platform. Make sure the features you want are supported by PWA.
  3. Set or skip the configurator settings. You can return to this step before publishing.
  4. Enable Progressive Web App. In this step go to the 'General' tab check the option to be enabled and save.
  5. Edit PWA. Fill in the form as well as possible. If you don't have all the iformation you can return later to finish.
  6. Build your app in the 'PWA Editor Dashboard.' Configure each section until you are happy.
  7. Ready To Publish. When ready click the 'Publish' button it takes you to the 'Media' page. On this page enter your icons and graphics.
  8. You will need to have a domain or sub-domain ready for your PWA. Without this your app will not be published.
  9. QR Code and link to the PWA are delivered.

Seems complicated to me too. For a more detailed tutorial see.

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