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Introducing "Age Calculator" mobile app for iOS and Android. AgeCalc is a sophisticated mobile app that returns exact age in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Excellent for planning birthdays, anniversaries and annual events.

Our unique algorithm computes how many days until the next birthday or anniversary. Very useful for planning birthday or anniversary events. Please take your time to give your review of this app. Feel free to use the content below in your own promotions.

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About Age Calculator

Age Calculator has a great looking display. We itemized a time slot for years, months, weeks, days, hours and seconds and show them in individual fields for easier reading. Age Calculator employs state of the art programming and modern layouts to look and work great on over 10,000 mobile devices.

Age Calculator is designed to look great on iPhones, iPads, smartphones and tablets. AC uses html5, css and javascript programming which are inherent operating sytems on virtually all mobile devices.

AgeCalc already has over 500 downloads. AC can boast (5) 5 star reviews so far but we would like yours as well. We would appreciate it if you could download this free app and give an honest opinion of it.

Age Calculator Additional Features

Additional features include a 'Take Notes' page so you can keep a reference of your calculation. Keep notes on important birthdays. Popup tools tips explain each function and how it works. Complete "User Guide" is included.

Social media and app share pages let you share this app with your friends. We also included an 'About Us' page. Keep up to date with us on our 'Blog' page. Find more calculator apps on our 'More Calculators' page. We have included a feedback back page so you can communicate with the author, or use the 'Contact Us' page.

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About Age Calculator Authors

Dan Peterson - calculator developer. Owns Dan has been developing online calculators for over ten years. His expertise includes over 267 unique calculators. Math is a second language for Dan but like most people he needs a good tool to make his life easier. So he makes his own.

Timothy Koen - app developer. Owns Tim has been developing mobile apps professionally for over 1 year. With over 10 years experience in Internet marketing and website development Tim is a leading webmaster in his community. Tim's accomplishments include (3) Best of Year Awards" in website design and development.

Dan and Tim teamed up to create the best designed and most accurate mobile app calculators in the world. All of their apps are well thought out, precise and easy to use.

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Timothy Koen
App Developer

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