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App Store Properties Optimization Tutorial Review and Publish Tips

App Store Properties sign
App Store Properties optimization tutorial teaches you how to prepare for submitting your app to the app stores.

Inside the mobile app editor you encounter a button called App Store Properties. A major portion of your App Store ranking depends on how well you optimize this process. Follow the tips below and your app should rank well.

Important! DO NOT skimp on this very important task. ASO can make or break your app from the very first minute it goes live. With good ASO and some marketing an app can do well in the App Stores.

Inside App Store Properties @ builder.miappmaker.com

App Store Properties button
Inside the app builder is a section for filling in the app store properties. Fill in this form as much as possible. Read on to see examples and tips for getting this right.

App Store Properties
Smart-phone pointing
Do you know what App Store Optimization (ASO) is? Like the term implies ASO is the practice of optimizing your app store properties. This helps for getting your app ranked well in App Stores. ASO can make or break your app. MiAppMaker can do this for you with a subscription to an App Plan.

App Store Properties Naming Tip

Make your app name short and sweet. Do Not use puncuation. Use Action words (verbs) in your name. Only use your Brand name if it makes sense. Examples include:
MiAppMaker11 Utility App
Drive Time Calculator
App Store Name (max 50 characters) is THE most important ASO bar none. You absolutely must have an appropriate name for your mobile app.

The app store name should describe what your app does. Example "MiAppMaker11 Utility App" is the name I used for my app. This cool app assists me in many ways. And as the name suggests it has tools you can utilize in every day life.

Primary Language - you must select the language your app is written in. There are 28 possibilities from Australian English to Vietnamese to choose from. This is asked for because you can opt to have your app translated to other languages for a fee.

Primary Category

Primary Category and Secondary category are the next areas you need to consider. As you can see from the drop down list there are several categories you can get into. Pick (2) a primary and a secondary category.

Smartphone pointing to left
App Store Description is very important and should be thought out thoroughly before you write it. The max character limit is 4000 characters. The question is: is this too many or too few characters? My advice is to keep your app store description as short as possible but long enough to fully describe your app.

Things to consider include usage and overusage of keywords, You should use all of your keywords in your description (see next section). Yet you could get rejected for keyword stuffing if you repeat your keywords too often.

Make sure you spell out all the features your app has in your App Store Description.

App Store Keywords

Example: utility,tools,camera,map,
App Store Keywords can make or break your app store rankings. The instructions tell you to separate words by comma up to 100 characters. Use these wisely. Do not leave any empty spaces between comma and the next word. This will give you more room for more words.

Your first keyword should be the same as your App Name. My first keyword is "utility." Notice it is not my brand name. My second keyword is "tools not 'app.' You should use keywords that describe what your app does and will get searched for.

Support URL (required). You must provide a link to a support page for your app. This is not optional. If you don't have a support page right now, don't panic. If you subcribe to one of MiAppMaker's App Plans you can use our support page URL.

The support page allows your app users to contact you or get information about using your app. Not only is this required it reassures your users that they can get in touch with you if needed. It will be displayed in the App Store and adds to your credibility.

Get The App

Get the app its for you
MiAppMaker Utility App
Marketing URL (optional) if you have one. Your apps can be associated with a webpage with marketing material on it. Since you only get 4000 characters in your App Description it is nice to have a place where your users can get more information about your app.

Mobile apps are strongly marketed to Internet desktop computers as well as mobile device users. The marketing URL is shown in the App Stroes. While optional to have, if you do your app has a much stronger possibility of getting noticed and downloaded.

NOTE: the marketing URL is subject to review by Apple and Google Review Teams. Make sure you know the marketing policies the app stores. Which we at MiAppMaker follow. MAM will review your app before we publish to the app stores.

Privacy Policy URL (optional) but only for some apps.If you don't have your own privacy policy you can use MiAppMaker's page to fill that requirement. That is, if you subscribe to one of our app plans.

Privacy policies are outside the scope of this tutorial but in short you need to assure your users that any personal information will be kept private and not shared with any third party.

Copyright Your App

2016 Timothy Koen
Copyright does have a format requirement that must be followed. You begin with the year you created the app followed by your name or the name of your company.

What's New in this Version is not an optional field and needs to be filled in. If this is the first time you are submitting your app simply write "original version." App can and should be updated periodically. You use the same submission process whther you are submittinf for the first time or are adding an update.

If you are submitting an updated version you need to increment your version number in the App Store and detail the updated content or functioanlity. I try to keep notes of my changes so that I am prepared when I get to this section.

Mobile App Store Properties and the Review Process

SmartPhone with magnifying glass
Contact Information for Apple Review Team. (Not shown in above graphic.) Apple and Google need to know how to get in touch with you. They will want a name, email address and phone number in regards to reviewing your app. This is not optional.

Your app will be reviewed and either accepted or rejected typically in 2 to 10 business days. If rejected Apple/Google or MiAppMaker will contact you by email with error messages and/or advice for fixing your app. The number of reasons your app might be rejected are numerous and outside the scope of this tutorial.

Demo Account Information (optional) only if you do not have a login or sign in functionality on your app. For instance you may have 'members only' section that you share only with users who have signed up for your content. This can include the sale of hard goods, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, newsletters or back-end software.

The review team needs to check your app from beginning to end. If you password protect any content you are required to provide a 'demo' account Username and Password.

Application ID (on iTunes Connect). Every app gets an App ID number. You get this after starting the mobile app publishing process. This number may be known if you are updating an existing app. If you do know your app id # please supply it.

Notes to MiAppMaker are optional. However nobody is a mind reader and you can help avoid confusion by letting us know what is different or unique about mobile app publishing.

That concludes the App Store Properties Optimization Tutorial. Get started now or continue reading the tutorials below.

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