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Conception Date Calculator Baby Due Date or Birthday Up to 99 Years Past or 3 Years Future

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Conception Date Calculator App estimates a baby's probable conception date. Enter due date or birthday up to 99 years past or 3 years in the future.

Enter the day, month and year in the date pickers and get a detailed explanation in the results window.

Great conversation starter. But be careful some people may be sensitive about this kind of information.

Please do not surprise anyone with this knowledge you might upset a friend. Please ask expecting mothers if they want this information before using this app.

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Based upon Naegele's Rule for conception date. Widely accepted in the medical community as very accurate. This method works out to 280 days from last menstrual period till birth.

Want to know when someone else was conceived? Enter any birthday up to 99 years ago. Want to know when a future baby was (or might be) conceived? Enter expected due date up to 3 years in the future.

Help and Instruction pages explain in detail how the app works. There is lots more you can do with this app, like share it with friends and followers, give feedback or as a conversation starter..

Conception Date Calculator Uses Baby's Due Date

Do you want to plan a baby in the near future. Start by estimating a date 9 months previous to expected due date. Refine your estimate by adding or subtracing the number of days needed to reach your ideal due date.

We made it easy for you to share this app by including easy to use links. Simply tap on the method of sharing 'Email', 'Facebook' or 'bluetooth.'

Take Notes. We added a notes page that may be helpful. Use this mobile app feature to record the calculator results for future reference.

What makes this app unique? It's so easy to use! Other apps make you enter a whole lot of information. This app gets results in 4 taps. Large buttons, No typing required. Returns useful information in a manner that makes sense.

Do you have question about the conception date calculator? You can use the feedback page to let us know. Looking for a different calculator? Got a question about making a mobile app? Use the contact page to ask. CDCv1.5 - $0.99

ConcDateCalc for iPhone

Conception date calculator for iOS

ConcDateCalc for Android

Conception date calculator for Android
Would you like an app like this one? Use the Request A Quote form and we can make it for you. Free consultation tell us what you are looking for and get free information and recommendations. Ready to build your own app? Select an App Plan to get started.


: Mobile Apps Category : Conception Date Calculator determines baby's conception date. Enter due date or birthday for anyone up to 99 years.

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