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Welcome to Mobile App Blog. This is where we publish news and tips about building and publishing for mobile devices.

MAM is a user friendly app making service. We have assembled all the tools you need to create, build, style, configure and publish your apps.

MAM is an easy to use process. We guide you through step by step. Clear instructions are included in our tutorial library.

MiAppBlog Entries

BB2 Demo Block Builder 2 A Demonstration

BB2 Demo of the 'Block Builder 2" website building system from Solo Build It!. A collection of website building tools show off how powerful this suite of tools is.

Block Builder 2 Desmo screen

Too many cool tricks, tips and tools to list here. So we showed the coolest most popular attributes on this page. Find out more here.

GDPR Compliant What Does It Mean

General Data Protection RequirementsGDPR stands for "General Data Protection Requirements." The European Union (EU) now requires websites to protect users private information (general data). To do this a website must state it's use of (computer) cookies in it's privacy policy statement and allow users an opportunity to not proceed.

A widget should be added to the website alerting users of it's use of cookies. (Said widget can be seen at the bottom of this page.) Thereby giving the user an opportunity to opt into the use of cookies and the website.

This requirement is extended to all EU residents whether or not you are actually In an EU country. Which virtually means every website in the world should comply.

Google the giant Internet company has set forth it's own policies regarding it's compliance to these rules. To ensure compliance Google has added it's own specific requirements for privacy policy statements.

For the user that means every website they visit will have a 'cookie' opt in widget displaying at the bottom or top of every page. That is until the option is satisfied. It also allows the user an opportunity to decide whether to accept the privacy policy or not.

For the webmaster that means a lot of work and research. Which miappmaker.com has done over the past week.

The Catch is a statement in the privacy policy which states that if the user continues to use the website they are agreeing to the privacy policy. View our privacy policy here.

Mobile App / PWA Editor Update

Mobile app editing just got easier. The development team came up with a better way to use the editor. We have separated the simulator and editing tools. This does 2 things. First, the silulator is no longer affected by edits. and Second you can switch between development tools easily.
Mobile app editor screenshot

HTML Editor, Layout Elements and Design Toolbox are all on the left side now, (instead of inside the simulator). The simulator is now just that and only the simulator. This is a much cleaner approach to design and layout.

Testing has shown this approach to be a much more stable environment. In the past it was possible to lock up the simulator by doing too many changes too fast. You should now experience much less wait time while testing updates. Give it a try.

Data Storage Restrictions And Permissions For Mobile Apps

Data storage restrictions and permissions
The question came in. "Can these apps use local storage?" Referring to the apps made here at Miappmaker.com. The short answer is "yes, they can." The long answer is more complicated.

Data storage can be done in so many ways that a 'type' is assigned to them. There are text, image and video types. Data types can be stored on the device or saved to an external storage, i.e. sd card or usb drive.

There are a lot of different restrictions and permissions required for an app to access local storage. There are also several different programming considerations. For instance available storage space can be limited. Learn more about data storage and mobile apps. Here is the long answer.

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