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Mobile App Publisher Tutorial to Publish in the Apple iTunes App Store

Mobile App Dashboard with publisher button
Mobile App Publisher tutorial teaches you how to submit your mobile app to the App Stores using MiAppMAker.com. publishing tools.

We will use the Apple App Store iTunes for this tutorial because it is the most complicated to get through. Google Play is very similar but only has a couple of different steps.

Before we get started on the tutorial let's review. You have come to this stage because your app is built. By 'built' I mean you have done all the page creation, styling, coding and testing. Your app is ready to publish.

You have created all the necessary graphics and done all the text work like writing app store descriptions, titles and made a list of keywords. Okay maybe you have not done all this yet. No problem we go over those elements in App Store Properties Tutorial.

Getting Ready for the Mobile App Publisher

It's decision time. You have several options on how to publish your app. When you click the "Ready To Publish" button in MiAppMaker you are directed to the next page which asks you to select your method of publishing.

MiAppMaker gives you several options to cover every mobile app publisher scenario. There are many steps to accomplish but first you must decide which one is right for you. The options are:

  • Build & Review in under 2 business days you will receive a link to a build of your app or review notes in case your additional input is required.
  • Build & Publish under your own account in under 2 business days your app will be published under your developer account or you will receive review notes in case additional input is required. (Requires your own developer account)
  • Instant Ad Hoc in under 1 hour 24 / 7 you will receive an email with a link to a build of your app for you to test. Ideal for testing in your mobile app previewer.

  1. Publish under you own account. You will need a developers account with Apple. (MAM helps you through this process)
  2. Publish under MiAppMaker's publishing account is no longer available due to Apple's single publisher account policy.
  3. Publisher under someone else's account for a large monthly fee. Also no longer available. Since Apple's enforcement of guideline 4.2.6 app owner and developer must be the same person. You can no longer have your app published by a professional developer. Note this is just for Apple iOS apps. (Not recommended)

Mobile App Publisher Requirements

Your app must meet all of these requirement before you can publish it. We ask you to do this so your app will pass the review process.

  • is rich in content, informative and instructive.
  • contains offline multimedia content such as audio or video. (optional)
  • contains interactive native pages.
  • has a professional look and feel and an original design. (not copied)
  • is not designed to promote a brand name we don't own.
  • contains no copyrighted material without the express permission of the copyright holder. (If so, contact us and submit your permission in writing.)
  • can not be classified as posing a potential copyright issue.
  • is published for FREE distribution. Meaning you can't charge a fee to have your app distributed.
  • does not include any hate messages, pornograhpy or slander.

Later on during the mobile app publisher process you will need to acquire a "Content Rating" certificate. This certificate declares your app is rated for certain age groups. For instance the earliest age is 4 years old. But if your app is a game with violent content it will need to be rated at least 13 years old and up. With an App Plan we do this for you.

If any of these requirements are not met MiAppMaker will NOT submit the app under its company account and will require you to enroll in Apple's iOS Developer program.

IMPORTANT: If your application promotes a brand name or a registered trademark you are required to have your own developer account with Apple.

Smart-phone pointing
Okay! that seems like a lot of info to absorb. You will need to familiarize yourself with all this knowledge if you want to be your own mobile app publisher. If you are just going to publish 1, 2 or 3 apps, MiAppMaker is your solution.

It makes sense to use a company that does this all the time. It might not make sense to learn everything now and delay your publishing while you learn the ropes. MiAppMaker makes it easy to publish under our account. Give us a try!

The Easy Way

As part of your mobile app plan we do all the work for you. Use the Contact form and ask, "please publish my app." MiAppMaker will publish for you. We review your app and get all the certificates and submit under your developer account.

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