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Mobile App Tips

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In this category we discuss Mobile App Tips & Techniques. This will contain blogs, article teasers and information that isn't categorized elsewhere (or is). We offer tutorials, articles, tools and tips that we hope you like.

Some cool tools and tricks will follow. But lets start with "Design Tips" Where we pass along nuggets of greatness and relavent facts pertaining to making mobile apps.

We are always developing new things and this is a good area to put them in. Check in often to see what new ideas we come up with.

Design Tip

Design properties can be set all in one place.
Design Properties button in the mobile app builder.

Mobile App Tip #1. When choosing a name for your app or website make it short and memorable. It has to be unique and convey the right message. One good reason for this is limited space on a mobile device. You want to 'fit' your app name into small places. Lets begin...

Mobile App Tips Related Articles

Apple App Store Guideline 4.2.6 How it Changes Mobile App Making -

Smartphone cartonn saying No Way
The new App Store guideline 4.2.6 is changing the way mobile apps are made. The most important new rule is called App Store guideline 4.2.6. Minimum functionality. It states that:

"Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected."

What? No way! This really is a gargantuan shift in policy. It gives the Apple App Review team a lot more leeway in rejecting apps on the Apple App Store. Apple says there is too much junk and spam apps in the store and they are just trying to clean them out.

Uh, huh, So, why did my app get rejected? Apple is rejecting new apps and new old app updates based on this new guideline. Unfortunately it also catches apps that should otherwise pass inspection. See how this change affects mobile app building.

Solo Build It Review Only For Real People - smartphone with loudspeaker saying Greatest Show On EarthMy friend and collegue asked me to write a review of his website the other day. After some research my conclusion is this...

SBI Is The Greatest Show On Earth

While doing my own Solo Build It review and performance check I wondered why this was even necessary. It is so unusual for this friend to ask for personal reviews from his customers. Not that this is unusual, but it is unusual for a different reason. Read on to understand why this review was written....

App Favorites Bookmarking Tutorial How To Add A Favorites List To Your Mobile App -

Favorites icon added to title
App Favorites tutorial teaches step by step instruction for adding a favorites list and bookmark icons to your mobile app.

This cool tool should help increase user retention for your mobile app. Here's the theory. A user finds a group of pages that match their search criteria. The user sees the favorite icon and adds the page to a list of favorites. On the next visit they go to the favorites list they built to re-visit their favorite page(s).

Learn how to add this cool tool to an Miappmaker mobile app. Improve app retention ratio, This feature makes it easy for users to return to your app and find their favorite pages fast.

Amazon Ads in Mobile Apps How To Make A Mobile Store With Native Shopping Ads - Smartphone - How to Build a Mobile StoreAmazon ads allow you to offer products for sale inside a mobile app. Learn how to create an eStore in your mobile app. This article explains how to create a store in your app using Amazon Native Shopping Ads.

We recently built a mobile store for the SucculentID app(s). We used Amazon Native Shopping Ads as the deliverer of products.

We allowed Amazon to select our product line. If you sell products in Amazon you could use your own product line. Learn how to make a mobile store for your app.

Feedback Forms Create User Action Choices Communications Fun And More -

Feedback forms generate user actions
Feedback forms are the best tools you can have in a mobile app, bar none. A lot of functionality can be included in an app but only the feedback form can start a dialogue with your users. Social media is good but lacks that one on one feeling.

A well put together feedback form can do more for a mobile app than any other function. Think about it! What do people really do with their smartphones? Communicate with others and gather information. A feedback form does both of those functions at the same time.

Learn about all the ways an Miappmaker feedback form can improve your app. This article explains many different functions.

Christmas Cards App New NavBar Coming Soon to Ad Free Version

Christmas Special, Get $100 off SBI Online Business Tools

Mobile App Development Idea, Concept, Build, Publish and Marketing -

Mobile app development has skyrocketed in the last few years due to ever increasing technology and availability. Mobile usage has also soared making it a necessary marketing platform for all businesses.

Concepts for developing a mobile app are discussed. Get pointers on how to think through the process. Mobile app making is a process od development and can be fun and profitable. Learn more...

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Miappmaker NewsLetter for News, Tips, Tools and Techniques for Building and Publishing Mobile Apps - MiAppMaker NewsLetter brings you news, tips, tools and techniques for building, marketing and publishing in the App Stores. Learn all about every aspect of how MiAppMaker mobile app builder works.

Sitemap Update

App Store Properties Optimization Tutorial Review and Publish Tips - App Store Properties sign

App Store Properties optimization tutorial teaches you all the different elements you need to accomplich to publish in the Apple iTunes App Store or Google Play.

In depth article discusses what you need to do and what materials you need to have before you begin the App Store submission process. Get these right and your app will be app store optimized.

This tutorial will help your mobile app rank better and sooner in the app stores.

Custom Search Results Now Available on MiAppMaker - We have added a custom search box to the right column for your convenience.

Now on Google Plus and Google Business - Get updates on Google Plus. Learn how here...

: Mobile app builder, publisher, previewer, tips, tools and techniques at Miappmaker. Mobile app tips for building and publishing in the App Store. Miappmaker offers information, tricks, tutorials and advice for gtting your mobile app accepted by Apple App Store and Google PLay.

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