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Restaurant Mobile App Template

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Restaurant Mobile App Template designed specifically for the restaurant business. Select this template to give your customers a way to interact with your business while there or before they get there.

This app features menus for appetizers, entrees, drinks and desserts. It has a reservations page where customers can make plans to visit your establishment.

Home page is a menu of all the pages and functions in the app. From here you can navigate to the rest of the pages.

Inside Restaurant Mobile App

Restaurant and Bar splash
Home Page
Menu page
Entrees page
Reservations menu
Reservations Page
Gallery page
The Menu page leads to a tier two page which divides the menu into "appetizers, entrees and desserts."

The Drinks page is a plain html page where you can list all your drinks or just the specials.

The Gallery page can hols images of dishes or drinks or desserts and appetizers that you specialize in.

The Reservation page is a menu page that includes links to an actual reservation page, Yelp reviews (if applicable), a link to a social media page and a map page.

The Hours and Directions page lists your hours of business and has a link to a map showing your location.

About Us page gives a short description of your establishment. This is where you want to identify what makes your restaurant or bar special.

Desserts page lists your dessert specials. This is a great place to promote your specialty desserts.

Entrees page lists your main dishes and daily specials.

Coupon page allows your loyal customers to get a discount after a specified number of visits.

Follow us page has a list of social media pages you can use to connect with your customers.

Restaurant Mobile App Details

Smartphone with serving tray
With the restaurant mobile app your customers can get to know you and your menus from anywhere in the world. The app can be used to promote daily specials, discounts and upcoming events. You get access to this app to add notifications and check statistics.

All our apps at miappmaker are customizable. You want to make changes or additions? No problem, we work with you to get what you want. This is all covered in the set-up fee.

Detailed menus require input from you. An extra fee may be added for creating your menus, depending on how much content we need to create.

Information and marketing strategies are part of your subscription. We are more than happy to share our experience and help you develop a customer base to promote your app.

How to get Restaurant Mobile App

  1. Navigate to the App-Plan page.
  2. Select '3 apps' plan. To include iphone, iPad, Smartphone and tablets.
  3. Download an 'App Previewer' to your mobile device So you can monitor progress of your build before it gets published.
  4. Login into your account or use the 'Guest' account. Username: 'Guest' password: 'password.'
  5. Open the 'Restaurant Mobile App.' Your app will have a new name.
  6. Navigate through the app and take notes for what you would like in your app.
  7. I will know when you sign up or register but you can always use the 'Contact us' form to get in touch with me.

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: Mobile App Templates : Restaurant mobile app template. Menu for appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks. Loyalty coupons, reservations and photo gallery pages.

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