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About Me

Tim Koen
About Miappmaker, my name is Timothy Koen. Most people call me Tim. I started Miappmaker because I want to share my skills and abilities.

My career started as a video technician. I made industrial videos and tv commercials. Later on I progressed into a film colorist. I did video engineering and color timing for a high end state of the art video production company.

Along the way I learned a lot about making images and delivering those professionally. I even had 15 minutes worth of air time during the Super Bowl.

That career petered out after about 10 years so I went back to school. Two years of school and a degree in Computer Aided Design and Drafting and I became a computer jock making electrical designs for the auto companies.

Ten years ago I was an electrical design engineer. I was happily working away until one day I got laid off. Being a Detroit area resident my main clients were the Big 3 car companies. You may recall that in 2005 General Motors declared bancruptcy. (A recurring problem for them.) What that meant was a huge reduction in the work force.

Yup, my job was one of the corporate restructuring sacrafices. It did not matter that I was unique or in mid-project. Some bean counter crossed my name off some list and I was out of work.

I thought 'if I could work from home I would never get fired again.' So I started a home based business, Herbalife Independent Distributor. At that time any distributor could own and operate their own website. I built my first website and became hooked on designing for the web.

I was making a decent living for a while but ended up returning to the work force. I kept the home based business and worked my day job for a while.

About Tim Koen and His Mobile App Maker

Well 2008 came along and the U.S. economy tanked again. Detroit was hit especially hard, because car sales bottomed out and once again GM declared bancruptcy. Do you remember the infamous government bail out?

When I lost my job again I sure was glad I had the home based business. I used the time to expand my website building knowledge and started a new business building websites.

When the economy recovered around 2011 I found another job and returned to the work force. By this time I was so used to losing my job due to economic turndowns that you can bet I kept persuing my website building education.

My website building business was cruising along and growing nicely. It started declining because the industry topped out. Soon many of my customers started moving to mobile apps instead of websites.

I quickly began educating myself on mobile app building. Much like websites mobile apps use mostly the same technology but the delivery method is much different. For mobile apps you have to publish them in the App Stores. For websites you have to register and host them on the Internet.

I got my App Store publishers licenses and began building and publishing mobile apps. I didn't expect it would be hard to do but I was surprised how much there is to know. There are a bunch of different technologies that go into building, verifying and publishing mobile apps.

I thought a great home based business would be building and publishing mobile apps professionally. So I started Miappmaker.com to do that. All I ask of you is to consider me when you want to build a mobile app of your own.

About Miappmaker (MAM)

After many years of learning website building and the coding that goes with it I wanted to see what went into building for mobile devices. The biggest difference between websites and mobile devices is the virtual space available.

When mobile app making becacme important many webmasters starting designing templates for mobile devices. Then one company started selling templates and then another and another. Pretty soon there was a template for everything.

The idea with Miappmaker is to provide affordable mobile apps and templates for small businesses. Our collection of templates and pages is one of the most inclusive on the web. MAM is an easy to use mobile app maker. MAM provides a service to publish in the App Stores. You supply the content and build the app yourself.

Tim Koen
61 W. Annabelle Ave.
Hazel Park, Mi. 48030
Owner Miappmaker

Inside Miappmaker

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