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Amazon Ads in Mobile Apps How To Make A Mobile Store With Native Shopping Ads

Smartphone - How to Build a Mobile StoreRescently Amazon announced it is going to discontinue the aStore feature. This will take place on Oct. 27, 2017. When that happens will your replacement be ready?

How do you plan to replace your store? Sounds difficult doesn't it? Make your own or hire a third party provider. The latter option places a burden of success on your store. The first option; building your own takes time and effort but costs little to nothing to create.

Using Amazon Ads

SucculentID Plant Store and Supplies screenshotRecently Miappmaker.com built an mobile store for the SucculentID mobile app using Amazon Native Shopping Ads. At first we thought about using an Amazon aStore. Until we found a better way, the new responsice Native Shopping Ads.

In the screenshot on the left notice how easy it is to identify the sections in the store. The image menu is conveys information fast. We show an image containing a sample of what can be found in the store. The caption below is 1-3 words which defines the products contained within.

In this example we have a small store of about 10 different product categories. Each category has a large tappable button. Only 4 buttons are shown here but it is obvious that the store continues.

We show the top of the next row just enough to make the user curious about what is below. This will cause the user to want to scroll down and see what is there.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads are Responsive

SucculentID Gardening Tools screenshot In the next screenshot you will notice we show products for sale in another set of image buttons. Each item has a short description and a price. These are Amazon Native Shopping Ads. To obtain these ads you must be an Amazon Associate. Then you need to create an ad block. Simply copy and paste the supplied code into your page or mobile app. (This tutorial does not cover Amazon procedure. That information is supplied by Amazon)

You can see that grouping products into categories is a way to build an eStore on your own. In this example we used an image menu because the store is so small. With a large store You will want to further subdivide your categories.

Amazon Native Shopping ads utilize responsive design. Meaning the ad block automatically fits the screensize available. Depending on the screensize you are designing for determines how many products will show on your page.

Using Amazon Ads in Mobile Apps

Here's how to create your own mobile store. But first let's consider what an eStore does. An online store should do 2 things well. First, inform potential customers about products in your inventory. Second it should sell products.

For mobile apps there are 2 ways to incorporate Amazon ads. First you can add them to existing content pages. Two, use the whole page. Depending on the size of the space, determines the amount of products that are shown,

Amazon Native Shopping Ads can be either custom or search. You choose whether you want to show specific items or let Amazon search it's database. With custom ads you need to browse through the offered items and select items you want. With search type ads you allow Amazon to select the items offered by including a search term in the builder. The order is determined by Amazon.

To add a page to your Miappmaker mobile app. Select a blank page from the pagetype library. Then in the editor go to the 'HTML' tab and select 'Full HTML' in the upper right corner of the simulator. This will open a text editor where you can paste your Amazon Ads code. Your result should resemble the example below.

We understand these instructions are a little vague. This tutorial is intended for experienced users. The information will make a lot more sense to those that have read the tutorials in this website. Want personal information use the Request A Quote form.

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: Mobile App Tips : Amazon Ads in mobile apps allows users to purchase items from your mobile store. Learn how to create a mobile store with Amazon Native Shopping Ads.

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