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APPetize Your Website A Guide to Making Your Mobile App

APPetize Your WebsiteShould you APPetize your website? In short, maybe. Does this mean you should you turn your website into a mobile app? No, what you should do is make a mobile app to compliment your website. Appetizing your website means making an app for your website not out of your website.

Making an app out of your website is a bad idea on many levels. Fisrt broken rule is that it violates the spirit of the App Store's intent. Second broken rule is it will get rejected just for being a duplicate of your website. Third rule and maybe the most important "a mobile app must entertain or be a useful tool"

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Let's start with the 3rd rule first. Apps unlike websites should have only 1 primary function. Can you make an app that is useful or entertaining with the material in your website? If so continue to second rule.

Second rule: do not copy your website. Instead create fresh content from your website in a well designed mobile app template. (I have those if your interested.) Your mobile app should compliment your website not mimic it.

First rule a mobile app must be unique and original. Such an app would include original content and provide a solution to a problem.

You do have original content and know something useful, don't you? If not you should not make a mobile app. If you do then consider making a mobile app.

Unwritten rule #1 a mobile app must make money. There are many monetization schemes a mobile app can use. Knowing what your best method is may surprise you.

Unwritten rule #2: apps are reviewed by content management specialists at the App Stores. These real people are your friends. Do not try to manipulate them. Their opinion matters. They will contact you if there are unresolved issues with you app. If they do be nice.

How To APPetize Your Website

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An app needs to be thoroughly planned and completely built BEFORE it can be submitted to the App Stores. This can be an easy 4 step process: Create, Customize, Preview and Publish.

It all starts with an idea. Do you think your users could use your information on a smartphone or tablet? Think about how the app will work. What do you want it to do for you. Think about what you want in your app. Then get a free estimate.

Size Matters. Did you know there is a 50mb bandwidth limitation for mobile apps? Any app up to 50mb can be published without restrictions. After 50mb you app either needs to access content remotely or you can pay a fee to expand the size.

Not only does the bandwidth size but also the device size also makes a difference. You could design your app to be one size fits all or you could design for a specific size. You need to consider how much information you want to squeeze into the app.

Do not try to appetize your website all by youself. There are numerous steps that need to be accomplished. The first step is learning. Let us guide you through everything so you understand the process.

What You Could Do to APPetize Your Website

Get a free evaluation of your website and what mobile app potential it may have. A similar solution may have been developed already. We have templates and example apps for many businesses and artists available.

Fill in the form below and get a Free Mobile Previewer. With a previewer you can test your app ideas. You can review some of our previous mobile apps and templates.

APPetize Your Website Free Evaluation

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Please enter the word that you see below.


What Miappmaker Can Do For You

Evaluate how to APPetize your website. We analyze your website for potential APPetizing. Then match your business to a monetization scheme.

What we do is look over your website and make recommendations based on what we find. Depending on what your website is about will determine the best solution for your app. Apps can be used to sell products, ebooks and digital software or advertising evenue.

We consider the answers to the questions posed on the form. From this information we understand a little about your mobile experience.

We then put together a possible solution and make recommendations. All Free, fill in the APPetize Your Website Evaluation Form above.

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: Support category : APPetize your website. Learn how to make a mobile app for your website. Get a free evaluation to see if your business could use an app.

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