Business Mobile Apps Templates

Business mobile apps are a great way to keep in touch with your clients and colleagues. Give your people a mobile app they can sell your products with. Following are 3 design templates oriented towards doing business on mobile devices.

The corporate Business mobile app features a number of ways clients and staff can interact with you. Direct people to your contact form, Facebook and Twitter account or QR Code. Send out push notifications for instant contact.

Listing your services saves time for your staff explaining what you do. No need to leave it up to your people to explain everything over and over. Simply show the app to prospective clients. Another advantage is consistency of details. Write it once and use everybody sees the same content.

Include a who's who list of your corporate staff. Describe your top executives and how to connect with them. Let your customers interact directly with the correct person through their mobile device.

Want something special in your app? Select functionality from our library of pages and add it to your app. Check out all our templates listed in the sitemap.

Company Mobile App is pretty basic to start with for a reason. This template is very versatile and expandable. We tried to show the most important functions but could not include everything. Excellent marketing tool. Give this to your clients and they will carry it with them everywhere they carry a smartphone or tablet.


Customizable Functionality - Wide variety of option makes this app versatile.
Consumables - In-App-Purchase capability, included but not shown.
Deliverables - sell products from within, included but not shown.
Gallery - image list create portfolios and slideshows.
Friendly user interface - and native app functionality for mobile application.

Use this mobile app to interact with your customers. Includes contact page, blog, calendar, company details, location and an image gallery. Ideal for sales and marketing teams that visit customers.

This feature rich MyBusiness app does it all. You get all the features of "Business" and "Company" apps plus product and services ordering page. Additional Pages include Map & Phone, Follow us and About Me pages. Also included are a slideshow and image gallery.

A Top-Of-The-Line app requires top of the line customization. This app is intended to make sales online and you need to be prepared to accept them. Pricing, taxes and shipping will be your responsibility.

With all the tools you can create a sophisticated e-commerce mobile app. You can use the image gallery to show your product line. And use the 'Services' Page to define what you do. List all your products and services on the "Order" page. You could use your "About Me' page to identify key people in your organization.

Want help building your business mobile app. Why not request a quote?

Each business mobile app can be configured for a specific platform, i.e. smartphone or tablet or both. All our templates are mobile responsive and as such are designed to look good on the smallest iPhone up to the largest tablet.

Mix and match pagetypes to create you own unique business mobile app. Like what you see in one app and want to have it in another app? No problem! The interactive editor allows you to copy and paste pages from one app or template to another.

Business Mobile App Tutorials

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