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Do you have some cool mobile apps? Use the invitation below to share your favorite app.

What we are looking for are the best mobile apps to promote. Here is your chance to share your hard work and talent. Bragging, boasting, blabbing and blabbermouthing are highly encouraged. 

Show off your cool mobile app with screenshots or graphics. You can upload up to 4 images with your submission. See the Submission Guideline section.

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Cool Mobile Apps Invitation

Do you have a cool mobile app? Please brag and boast about it here!

  • Cool Mobile App Rules

    Rules and submission guidelines. We only accept high quality submissions. Your submission should contain plenty of content and several images. Add as much as you want. Short, pitiful or meager submissions will be deleted. 

    This invitation DOES permit commercial/promotional material. You are permitted to include commercial web addresses. However these will be checked before acceptance of the submission. 

    We must maintain a high standard for the pages we promote. A few rules must be followed to get your submission accepted. They are

    • Images or screenshots must be original. Do not include any copyrighted or trademarked image that you don't own. Images must be high quality.
    • No adult content, defamatory, hate, or religious persecution will be accepted. 
    • Be sure not to infringe any copyright material. Do not post duplicate content from another website. Do not copy anyone else's content.
    • Your submission must be of high quality. We will go over the best practices in the tutorial below.

    Please do not include HTML code in your submission. It will get stripped out. The good news is HTML code can be added during the review process. You can add notes to ask for some styling or special feature inclusions. Just say so right in the submission. 

  • We want to publish your submission. Follow the tutorial to get the best use of this invitation.

    Your submission will be greatly improved if you follow some of these tips. Keep in mind you are promoting your skills and talent here. Everyone wants to like what you have. So:

    Tip 1. Include a strong description of your app. Tell us in detail what your app does and why it is better than everyone else's app. Try to get 7 or more paragraphs.

    Tip 2. You only get 4 images to upload so make them count. I recommend using at least 2 screenshots from your app. Try to use all 4 images if possible. These images should be not more than 320px wide. And not more than 400px high. Note: Pinterest 'saving' is activated. Be careful not to upload any images that are restricted by usage certificates, like Getty Images.

    Tip 3. Describe the heart of your app. Write a synopsis of each primary page in your app. Tell what special function each page does. Do not get overlong on your descriptions. Yet you want to reach a 400 word count for search engine optimization.

    Tip 4. Tell a story. People love stories. Relate a situation where your app would be useful through the eyes of a user. Like this. "I was lost. Then I used this app and found my way again." 

    Tip 5. Include your app store links, if you have them. If not include a web address where it can be found. See the sample submission below.

    Tip 6. Try to include a keyword list. This is a list of words you think the search engines might find your app with. Example my keywords are: cool mobile apps, collection, content, page, review, rate, promote, skill, talent, publish and make.

    Tip 7. If you have special request you can email me and I can edit your page for you. Remember to include your email address in the preferences section when you submit your cool mobile apps.

    Note: As moderator I can add html code to the submissions. If you add html code it will get stripped out. BUT, you can leave me a note to include your code right in the submission, and I will add it for you.

  • This sample can be used to learn how to make a cool mobile apps submission.

    Drive Time Calculator

    by: Tim Koen
    from: Hazel Park, Michigan

    Drive Time Calculator app is so handy you can plan a trip to anywhere and get there on time. This cool, feature rich mobile app can show you a map, do route planning, driving directions, estimate ETA, fuel costs and adjust for speed and stop time. Then compiles a 'trip report' for you.

    Simply enter your starting and destination addresses and tap 'Calculate." The app returns a 'Trip report' that is printable and exportable. No other app to date can do all that. But wait there's more.

    Drive Time Calculator (DTC) is the ultimate road-tripping tool. One time I got lost, because somebody moved my hotel to the other side of town. Imagine my displeasure knowing Drive Time Calculator could have helped me prevent that. 

    Then DTC saved the day. I quickly planned a new and faster route to my destination. I then called my friend and gave her a new estimated arrival time. 

    Now I use Drive Time Calculator whenever I go to a new destination. I also create trip reports for my friends and share them through the media app function. How cool is that?

    The 'Trip Report' is compiled and posted onto a separate page. This feature allows you to share with a printer, email or social media. Can be used to send your itinerary to other people.

    (note to editor: please make the following links live.)

    Link to iPhone app:

    Link to Android app:

    Search engine keywords: drive time calculator, road trip, map, directions, route, plan, ETA, fuel cost.

    Get more information at ''

    Never get lost again get Drive Time Calculator today.

    note to editor: can you please add my logo to the bottom of the page. It is in the email I sent to

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