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eBook Store App Template Publish Your eBook Library in a Mobile App

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Make your own eBook Store App template so you can publish and sell your ebook library from a mobile app. Includes multiple methods to sell your ebooks on smartphones and tablets.

This mobile app template is ideal for marketing your ebooks and content in ePub, Newstand, In-App purchase and in the app itself. You can sell through the app stores or use your own shopping cart and merchant account.

Do you have your own ebook library? Looking for more readers? Why not publish in the app stores? Use this template to create your own small e-publishing business. Build your own app with our 4 step process.

Index page eBook Store App template
ebook sales page
ebook table of contents page
ebook reading page
ebook free give away page
ebook about the author page
ebook bonus tools page

How the eBook Store App Template Works

Tab1 or the home page contains an image menu of 6 images with titles. The images and titles link to individual sales type pages for your ebooks. You get an overall title that is good for the name of your ebook store.

Tab2 is an offer page. With this page you give away one ebook for free. This is an excellent marketing tool for generating repeat readers familiar with your writing, content, style and other books in your collection. Giving away one book for free gets new readers a taste of your material. If they like it they are more likely to purchase from you in the future.

Tab3 is an "About the Author" page. This page is where you write your biography. Use this page to describe yourself and what makes you unique and interesting. Include some of your acomplishment and achievements. This is also a good place to list other books or articles.

Tab4 is a "More Tools" page is an icon menu page with links leading to other pages inside the app. Several pre-formatted links lead to pages such as "Notes, Goal Tracker, Messenger, Facebook, Share App and Contact" pages.

Book Title page(s) include the book title and a short description of the ebook. You can include a sample of the book. The template includes a sample that is 18 pages long. You can turn pages forward or backward using the swipe method. Way cool way to read a book on a mobile device. There is also a slider bar for moving to pages quickly.

Also on the "Book" page(s) is the all important "Buy Book" button. This is how an app can sell your work. The ebook Store template is set up for In-App Purchase but you can change that if you want to use other means for selling your ebooks.

Also included in the app are pages for additional functions. They include:

Usage Tip

eBook Store app supports several methods of publishing including .pdf reader, ePub, Newstand and HTML. Free support from MiAppMaker.com
  • Notes - for keeping notes about the books you are reading. This cool tool can help you remember specific information
  • Goal Tracker - where you can add goals you wish to reach. Such as finishing a book report. on time.
  • Messenger - allows you to have conversations with other book readers.
  • Facebook - allows you to share information about your books with friends.
  • Share This App - lets you send links to friends by native app (i.e. bluetooth, email, social).
  • Contact Us - allows your readers to contact you with questions or comments about your eBook Store app.

Getting Started with eBook Store App Template

In Action

See this app in action. Login to the guest account of your previewer and preview the eBook Store app template.
Getting started is easy. You will need to register with MiAppMaker to publish at some point. Simply start building your app. Follow the link below to select this template.

MiAppMaker is with you all the way. Once you register I can help you with all aspects of creating and publishing your ebook app. We ask for a small monthly fee to keep the app published and a one time $100USD set up fee.

The setup fee includes technical set up, some content creation, licensing with the app stores, obtaining necessary certificates, graphic icon creation and more. Well worth the price considering all that it is included.

Get started with the eBook Store app template today. To go directly to the template use the button below.

For Sale

Sell your ebooks in 2 ways. The first method is to sell the whole app. The other method is to give the app away for free. Then sell your content from inside the app. Ask me how
Update March 2017: For shorter ebooks and articles it may be best to construct the app by hand using individual html code. MAM features several template pages ideal for this purpose. They are the "modernletter" pages. These pages feature responsive images and formatted paragraphs.

You can simply copy and paste in your content. Use the editor to upload your images. Make sure your content is unformatted (ansi). Use the style editor to change the formatting of text if you want to change it.

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: Mobile App Templates : eBook Store App template allows you to publish your ebooks and content in a mobile app. Get your work in the App Stores with our easy 4 step process.

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