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Feedback Forms Create User Action Choices Communications Fun And More

Feedback forms generate user actions
Feedback forms are the best features of any mobile app. A feedback page can do many things but most importantly it gives the user something to do in your app.

Feedback from your users can be very helpful for generating all kinds of activities. People always want the most information they can get before making a decision. Why not let them ask you directly what they want to know?

Many popular apps use the feedback form to communicate with the app's authors. Like they say 'a picture is worth a thousand words'.

Thought you might like to know how to do it. The possibilties can be overwhelming...read more!

Feedback Forms Connect You To The World

Feedback form field options
No doubt about it, communicationls rule the world. Mobile devices have become the tool people use to communicate with. You can create feedback forms to connect with your users.

Here is a list of fields available in Miappmaker's Feedback form for mobile apps.

Location allows users to submit their location in the app. It uses Google maps and my API to work. This can be useful for many apps.

Date - can be useful if you need to keep track of when someone has contacted you. With the 'Autofill' option enabled this field can be filled in by the app. There is also a nifty datepicker feature. The datepicker can be used to coordinate future or past events.

Time - can be usefull for setting appointment or specifying theexact time an event orrurred. Use the handy time picker function to select hours, minutes and "AM" or "PM".

Number - is used to enter numbers for whatever reason. It could be used to collect phone numbers but is not ideal. Can be used in conjunction with other criteria. For instance number of people in your party. Age of a person can be collected with this field.

Text - is a single line text entry field. Great for inputting oneliners. A common use of this field is for 'name' 'address' 'phone number' etc.

Multilinetext - is ideal for adding a 'comments' section to your form. Displays a selectable number of rows in a text field.

Email - this field is essential for returning users requests. If you wish to reply to a user this field must be included. The results are pasted into your email's outgoing email address. Without it there is no way to respond. So, don't forget to include it in your form.

Image - accesses your devices image galleries. Use this feature to allow users to send an image with their email.

Camera - this feature accesses the devices camera for taking a picture. The image is automatically included in the email request.

Pictureselection - this feature combines the 'Image' and 'Camera' features into one option. When selected all the users native imaging functions are accessed. The user then selects their best option.

Feedback form in SucculentID app
List - allows you to create a selectable dropdown menu. How it works is like a multiple choice question and anser. You supply the question and the users chooses their favorite option. Only one answer is accpted.

Multilist - like the 'list' field this is a question and answer multple choice field. You write the question and the user selects the answers. Accept the user is allowed to make multiple selections.

Signature - allows the user to sign the form. This can be used for verification and other legal purpposes. You can make this a required field to ensure users give their signature..

Label - can be used to identify different sections of the form. Or to insert titles or comments about the form.

Saveoption - allows the user to save the email.

Voicerecord - allows the user to attach a short voice recording. Accesses native microphone.

Feedback Forms for Mobile Apps by Miappmaker Gives Users Options Communications and Actionable Choices

You can do a lot of things with a feedback form in your mobile app. A form should always be included in an app. It gives the author more credibility when users know they can further the information process. Think of the possibilities.

You can get information pertaining to the app returned to you. Your users can ask questions about a product. Appointment times can be requested. Location can be transmitted. Multiple choice questions can be asked. Name, address, phone numbers and email addresses can be collected. And the list goes on.

Feedback forms are an artform in themselves. A well thought out feedback form can do mre for your app than any other function. With proper plannng an app owner can establish communications with thier users. See me for instructions

Hope this helps

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: Mobile App Tips : Feedback forms create user activity in mobile apps. Create communications, collect information and share in email or social media. Learn more about mobile app feedback forms.

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