How do I make my own mobile app?

by Tim Koen
(Hazel Park, MI)

Custom Built Apps signYou just decided to make an app and don't know where to start? You want to know how to get your app into the App Stores. You have a website or brick and mortar business but are not sure if you should turn your website into an app or build a new mobile app.

You have an idea for an app but don't know what you want to put into it. You have a lot to offer in the form of hard goods or electronic goods like workbooks, calculators, documents and educational materials.

You want to offer your products through a mobile app but don't know where to start? You want free advice getting started. That is what MiAppMaker is here for. To help you get started building you own mobile app.

The first thing you need to do is answer this question "what do you want an app for?" It could be to sell product, get sign-ups for your business or a useful tool that can be used on a mobile device. Once you answer that question write it down and post it somewhere you will see it everyday.

Step #2 is determining what category your app will be placed in. Every app store requires that you select at least one category.

As you can see from the drop-down list there are a lot of categories to choose from. Make your selection now because you will use it in the next step.

You need to select a primary keyword for your app. Answer this question "What is the for?" Examples include Auto Dealership, Restaurant, Real Estate Agent, Rocket Science, Calculator, Political Campaign, Retail Shop, Pizzeria or what ever it is that you do.

You should now have at least 2 search keywords you can start with. Lets say You have a restaurant and want to give incentives to attract customers. Your 2 keywords might be 'restaurant' and 'bar.' Or maybe you are a teacher specializing in math for grade school. Your 2 search keywords might be 'math' and 'Education.'

Mobile app sales page

Research Mobile Apps You Like

Step #3 research your app's keywords. You need to go to the App Stores. Google PLay or Apple iTunes Store. Select or type in your search terms and you should get an offering of similar apps. Surf the app stores for apps like the one your thinking about building.

You are looking to see what other developers did so you can apply it to your app. It is a good idea to take notes while doing your research. Write down the page type other apps have. Like sign-up forms, shopping pages, coupons, maps and information. Write down some of the functions and applications your competition is using.

Try to notice the content not only of the app but also the app store listing. Takes notes on what interests you or you might want to have in your app. You are taking notes, aren't you?

Design Tip

Our sitemap lists all the template, pages and useful information inside the mobile app editor.Keep notes electronically. While on the Sitemap page. Copy and paste the text links into your notepad document. Later on you can reference this page when you create your page list. Check out our template library.
Step #4 by now your notes should include ideas about the type of app you need and what page types you want in it. You should have a list of page types to go into your app.

No list? Don't know which pages are called what? Take a look at our page types we have over 100 page types in out library. Go to the Sitemap page and peruse our collection of templates and pages types.

About half way down the site map you will see listings for page types. Navigate to the page type you are interested in and jot down a note about that page.

Once you got a feel for what is available you can begin to build. You really want to get a handle on what you want to build before you start. That way you don't have to mix learning with doing.

Okay, ready to start building your mobile app? You might want to first read the
It teaches you the fundamentals of getting started building your first app.

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How do I make a mobile app
by: Timothy

The $64,000 question. The first thing you need to do is answer the question "what do I want an app for?" Hint: it could be the same as your mission statement. Or an useful tool that can be used offline on a mobile device. Write that down or commit to memory.

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