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jQuery Mobile Template Editor Develops Mobile Apps With HTML5 CSS3 and Javascript

jQuery Mobile App Template Editor
jQuery Mobile is a javascript framework that allows developers to create mobile apps easily. JQM works on most smartphones and tablets. HTML5, CSS3 and javascript are used for laying out mobile pages with very little scripting.

jQM is a touch optimized web framework used to create mobile apps. Based on javascript already done for you. For developers that means creating elements of a webview (or mobile page) is done by assigning the appropriate tags to a -div- or -span- tag.

Inside jQuery Mobile Template

jQuery Page 1
jQuery Page 2
jQuery Page 3
jQuery Page 4
jQuery Page 5
jQuery Page 6
jQuery Page 7

MiAppMaker has incorporated an easy to use jQuery Mobile template editor/simulator into our app building platform. You simply drag and drop your desired element into the emulator from the toolbox and fill in the content in the dialog boxes.

The jQM template editor/simulator is a drag and drop WYSIWYG-ide (what you see is what you get interactive development editor).

It is easy to select and element and place it in your page. Then a modify the dialog box with your information. All you need to do is fill in the blanks.

No need to learn coding, that is all done by the editor. However you can use the "CODE EDITOR" to manually edit the code.

The template contains several various pre-built jQuery Mobile methods like a menu, collapsible content lists, popup tips box, navbar and forms.

The jQM editor can build your app any way you like. If you can think it this template/editor combination can build it.

Ideal for novice developers or the entrepreneur that wants to their own mobile app.

How to use the jQuery Mobile Template

Smartphone with pointerStep 1. Go to the jQueryMobile1 Template in the builder.

Step 2 Follow the prompts to select this template and configure it. The subsequent steps are easy to follow.

Step 3. You will be asked to login. If you are a new user you can login as "guest" and use the password "password." Or you can register for your own account (recommended), it's free to register.

Step 4. Once logged in you are asked for an application id: or name of the app. You can accept the one provided or change it now. You can change this name later. Click "Create" to build the template.

Step 5. You should now be on the "Edit and Configure" page for your app. You can select your style preferences here. Or you can accept the current template settings by clicking the "Done" button. You can return to this page at any time to configure the mobile app.

Step 6. You should now be on the app's "Dashboard" page. There are several areas to work on before your app is ready to publish.

Step 7. Go through each section with care. You have a lot to do. If you get stuck feel free to contact me for support.

While the jQuery Mobile template is intended for use with the jQuery mobile interface this template will also incorporate any of our 100's of pages. Between them you can literally do anything that a mobile app can do.

jQuery Mobile App Template Editor
Creative uses of this template could be for small or large businesses, Can be tailored to specific businesses like Manufacturing companies, distributorships. Online and professional consulting businesses .

The 'Editor' for the jQuery Mobile template includes an 'app simulator.' The simulator is a visual interactive what you see is what you get display and configure as you go type. Simply drag and drop your elements into the frame then fill in the associated input fields.

Would you like to see this template in action? Try this:

  • Download a mobile app previewer to any mobile device
  • Use the icon to open the app.
  • Login as "guest." Password is "password."
  • Tap on the "Preview" button to open the app.
  • Open jQuery Mobile App and check it out.

: Mobile App Templates : The jQuery Mobile app template editor uses HTML5, CSS and javascript to create mobile apps. Template includes many jquery mobile examples and methods. No coding required, use the drag and drop WYSIWYG visual editor.

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