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Mobile App Templates - Apple Android logoCheck out our template library of ready made apps and individual pre-made pages. We have a wide selection for every application from church to business to restaurant to ebook to ecommerce and special events.


Find information on many varied business, game, personal and special event templates.

We tried to think of everything so you don't have to. It is easier to select a pre-made template and use a great system than it is to start from scratch. But if you want to... we have a template for that too. Check out our library.


Support Category - Computer confused cartoonThis catergory is where we put articles and blog entries that support this website or the builder/publisher/editor platorm. We offer tips, techniques and methods to help you build your mobile app(s).


Follow our tutorials and articles to get the most out of the builder/editor/publisher/machine.

Get tips about the building, publishing and general information. Check out the

Support Category.

Mobile App Tips - Smartphone talking In this category we discuss app making tips & techniques. This will be blog posts, article teasers and other information that isn't categorized elsewhere. We offer tutorials, articles and tools to help grow your business.

Tips & Techniques

MiAppMaker is a mobile app building service located in Michigan. Originally this business was called MiAppBuild but I decided to change the name. I still use this name in the business to identify the mobile app previewer apps. So what we learned here can be my first tip.

Cool Tools for Mobile Apps and Websites - SmartPhone holding scissors In this category we offer tools to help make your building and publishing easy.

I use these tools all the time which I now make available to you. Don't bother hiring some guru to perform work you can do yourself. Realistically wouldn't it be better to own the tools that free-lance programmers and graphic artists use?

Cool Tools Category

Absolutely, cool tools are the answer to high priced third party operations that you could do yourself. Check out our collection. If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact me for a solution.

Cool Tools.

Mobile Apps Category - Apple Android logo This category is where we include articles and blog entries about building and publishing your app(s). In this category we will offer information pertaining mostly to the app platforms Android, iOS and Kindle.

Mobile Apps Category

Learn about publishing your app in the app stores. Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Kindle or making a web app for the Internet. Check out the... Mobile Apps.

: Mobile app builder, publisher, previewer tips, tools and techniques at Miappmaer. Category Index

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