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Search Results Page and Custom Search Box

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Search results are supplied by the DuckDuckGo search engine. The SE scans the website and returns pages matching the keywords from your entry. The more specific your search query is, the more accurate the results returned are. Generic terms will generally return more results than more specific search terms.

The custom search bar is located in the right column near the top. Type in a keyword or keyword phrase and click on the magnifying glass icon. Search Results will be shown on a new page.

No ads, no tracking, no baloney. Do you know that other search engine, Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo? Did you know they track your browser settings, your behavior habits even keystrokes. Not this search engine. Kinda makes you wonder, what do they do with that information? Well, they sell space on the search engine results page to insert ads.

We are now using DuckDuckGo as our primary search engine. DDG does not track your browser habits. DDG does not share your information. DDG does not show ads on their results page.

Search Results Box Configurator For Webmasters

An excellent search tool for webmasters. The custom search box code configurator found on plainlight.com allows webmasters to input their color preferrences and website domains to scan.

Complete instructions for configuration and installation are available at plainlight.com. This free widget is an excellent choice because it is mobile responsive. Simply place the widget where you want it and it fits whatever screen it is shown on.

A unique feature of this SE is the ability to sreturn search results from 2 different websites. Which is way cool for Miappmaker.com because we added www.best-website-tools.com to this search engine. Best-website-tools is our sister website and looks very much like this one.

DDG can record an event in Google Analytics (if you use that). GA is another excellent tool for webmasters. Webmasters can use analytics to check the performance of their webpages.

Everytime a user uses the search box the event triggers a session marker and the webmaster can see where his/her traffic is coming from. Google SE also uses this data to rank webpages in their search engine.

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: Support Category : Search results page for Miappmaker. Search engine results returned with keyword or phrase entered. Learn about making your own custom search results box.

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