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Succulent Plant Care Identification Guide Mobile App

Succulent plant care identification guide
Succulent plant care identification guide mobile app teaches you all about identifying, growing, caring for and propagating succulent plants. Informative mobile app goes where ever you do. Take it to the garden, the store, indoors or ouside, keep it in your pocket mobile app.

This app will help you get to know your plants and take care of them properly. Identification guide, photo gallery, types of succulents menu and plant profiles teach you all about sun, soil, water, plant types, potting, pruning and propagating succulent plants.

For the serious horticultrurist, backyard grower or indoor gardener this app gives you the right info and tips for success.

Succulent ID spash page
Succulent ID home page
Succulent Id categories page
Succulent ID flowering plants page
Succulent ID plant profiles page
Succulent ID tutorials page

Inside Succulent Plant Care Identification Guide Mobile App

Home page contains a menu of choices including "Identification Guide" "Image Gallery" Types of Succulents" "Succulent Care Handbook" and the "User Manual."

Catergories or tab2 contains different types of plants. Including "Flat, "Round" and "Spiky Leaf." As well as "Babies on Leaves" "Flowering", Rossete Forming" and "Stinky Flowers."

Contact or tab3 page contains links to "About Us" "Blog" and "Feedback" pages. Got a question? Want support? Looking for more information? Need Help? Contact us here on this page.

Tutorials where we offer guides on "Plant Pests" "Succulent Care Handbook" "Plant Business" and "Plant Crafts." Get more out of your garden with these informative courses and ebooks.

Share this app. Let your fellow growers and friends know about his app. SID app accesses your mobile devices native apps like "share" "text" "email" and social (if you have it). Share your knowledge and look like a friend indeed.

Identification Guide helps you know what plant you have by image or category. If you know what your plant looks like search for it in the "Image Gallery." If you can desrcibe your plant search for it in the "Category" page. If you know what your plant's name is use the "Identicifation Guide."

Plant Profiles are included for each plant in the mobile app. You get a close up image of the plant, it's botanical name and details on care and watering.

Image Gallery contains thumbnail images for each succulent plant. Clicking on a thumbnail shows a larger image and names the plant and identifies which caegory it belongs to.

Succulent Care Handbook
Succulent Care Handbook details everything you need to know to be a successful grower of succulent plants. Chapters include:
  1. Health Guide
  2. Tender or Hardy
  3. What Kind of Light?
  4. Watering Succulents
  5. What's the Best Soil
  6. Best Pots for Succulents
  7. Problems with Succulents
  8. Pruning Succulents
  9. Propagating Succulents
  10. About the Author

Get it in The App Store And Google Play

Succulent ID Plant Care App
For iPhone and iPad

SucculentID on the App Store.

Succulent ID Plant Care App
For Smartphone and Tablet

Get Succulent ID App on Google Play.

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This app courtesy of Drought Smart Plants.
: Mobile Apps Category : Succulent plant care identification guide mobile app teaches you what you need to know to be a great succulant plant grower. Learn what light, soil, water and climate suits which plant.

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